Feteasca Neagra

Dry Red

Flavoursome and easy drinking

Genuine ripe cherry and plum aromas fill the mouth and oak treatment adds a smooth, velvety texture.

Great with blue and goat cheeses.

Best to serve at +16°C.

Feteasca Neagra&Syrah

Dry Red

Ripe and savoury

Deep red in color, the delicious combination of Feteasca Neagra & Syrah results in blackberry, black cherry and plum aromas, with spicy undertones.

Great with meatballs, roast turkey.

Best to serve at +18°C.

Feteasca Alba

Dry White

Elegant and savor

Light, elegant wine will bring you back to the memorable summer days. Wine displays lively aromas of stone fruits, wildflowers underlined by subtle citrus notes. Clear and fresh taste demonstrates fruit notes.

Best to serve at +7°С.